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Foreign nations Expands International Students' Post-Study Work Rights.

International graduates in fields where there are actual skill shortages are eligible for the extension. Although qualifying courses have not yet been made public, they will fill current skill gaps in the industry. Accounting, engineering, nursing, and information technology are a few relevant subjects of study that are also popular with international students.

Another excellent advantage to study in Australia is the increase of post-study work rights, which makes it simpler than ever to achieve employment success after graduating.

New Post-Study Work Timelines

After graduating, foreign students can already reside and work in Australia thanks to the country's Temporary Graduate visa (subclass 485), sometimes referred to as a post-study work visa.

These visa durations will now be extended for graduates in fields where talent shortages are confirmed:

  • Ranging from two to four years (for certain bachelor's degrees)
  • Three to five years (for master's degrees alone)
  • Ranging from four to six years (select PhDs)

These additional two years provide qualified student graduates more time to begin their careers and work in their area. The Australian government is also spending $36.1 million to assist increased demand and shorten visa processing times. This is a fantastic illustration of the nation's dedication to its foreign students.